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La jewelry 'Jewels from droplet' an elegance yet unique jewelry from glass design and scientific experiment of light and water.


Initiated by SASIVIMOL CHAIDAROON who designs jewelry from her impressiveness in the beauty of nature; Award winner from Tokyo designer's week 2013, The collection is launch throughout Asia and worldwide.

"The elegance from light and water"


Our designs are inspired by water droplets after rain, these little drops represent our beauty's philosophy as a natural elegant jewel that made out of real droplets. Purify water-drops are filled and permanently sealed within crystal clear glass ball and then become an exquisite 'droplet jewels'. The magnificent concept is when light shines through our droplet jewels, the light will refract splendid reflections and at one angle light will refract the light of rainbows.


2013  Winner of student of Asia awards | Tokyo designers week

2013 KOSE Coperation awards | Tokyo designers week

2014 Design Excellence awards | Department of International Trade Promotion of

Ministry of Commerce in Thailand 

2014 Finallist of Asia Talents awards

2015 Designer of the year (Emerging designer) | Thailand

2016 Best of Casual | Bangkok International Fashion Fair